What Is The Future Of Terrestrial Radio?
With the introduction of services like Spotify and Apple Music, the radio industry seems to be struggling. After all, with such a competition, the truth is that according to the RIAA, more than 22 million Americans paid for a streaming-music service in 2016. Even though this may not seem such a big number, the truth is that just 5 years ago, it was less than 5 million Americans. Even though this is a statistic that
Dallas Cowboys!
IF you remember The Dan Show, it was a show I hosted with three of my boys a few years back. Things changed, situations happened and I sat with both my guys and proposed we bring back the show. We did, but it’s different. It’s all talk, covering current events, hip hop, topic questions, etc. I appreciate podcasting, the idea of letting people listen when they want instead of forcing them to be tied down
Unemployment Rate of Blind and Visually impaired Individuals in the US.
DEFINITION OF TERMS Unemployment as we know it, is defined as the state of being unemployed. Total blindness is referred to many people as the inability to see at all or, at best, to discern light from darkness. Visually impaired is a severe reduction in vision. This cannot be corrected with standard glasses or contact lenses and reduces a person's ability to function at certain or all tasks. This low vision is a condition which
It’s amazing to me, the moment you want to use your voice, people want to come an rip your tongue out of your mouth. Ever wanted a way to lose friends? State hypotheticals and opinions and watch how fast those numbers drop on your FB. But here’s the deal, no one will ever ever censor me and anything I have to say. I recorded a podcast last night, and stated my opinion about how I
Ah, the joys of the east coast. There’s the tri-state area (where I grew up), Tom Brady fan boys, New York pizza, boardwalk rides, dirty beaches and in most people’s opinion who aren’t natives, rude people. Something about this gets to me a little bit. We’re not rude, I promise. Living out in Colorado, I’ve met more rude Uber drivers, store clerks, and your daily randoms in the street in the past month, than I’ve
At 2:47 AM, amongst the commotion of the doctors cleaning you up and me helping the doc clean up, I remember your soft little coughs as you came into this world. I cut the umbilical cord, with excitement that I get to know a new person. Not just any old person though, my daughter. My beautiful, precious, amazing daughter who has fought and fought and has made my life significantly brighter. I remember everything like
I remember moving into my house in early 2000, February to be exact and man, did losing my childhood home hurt? Yes! We just lost my house to foreclosure and it was probably one of the hardest things I still battle today. I remember when I left my house on June 3rd, to start my life in Denver, Colorado. The things you think about are fascinating when placed in that position that these will be
“Life sucks and then you die.” Is a statement I heard growing up, and the older I get, the more it comes true? But is that us filling our heads up with reasons why things aren’t going in your favor? Remember, you have the other side of the spectrum. Those who state with lots of pride and excitement, “Life is what you make it.” I try to believe the latter since I haven’t been going