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February 8, 2016
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September 12, 2017

If you had microphones in your living room, and at the barbershop, how many friends would you lose? I'm pretty sure a lot, but this doesn't mean that you have to hold back how you feel or what you say.

It’s amazing to me, the moment you want to use your voice, people want to come an rip your tongue out of your mouth. Ever wanted a way to lose friends? State hypotheticals and opinions and watch how fast those numbers drop on your FB. But here’s the deal, no one will ever ever censor me and anything I have to say. I recorded a podcast last night, and stated my opinion about how I feel that parents should be tested for five days, spending 8-10 hours answering open-ended questions on scenarios from pregnancy till the child is 18. This stemmed off my frustration after the viral video last week of the mother who has been charged with child abuse after beating her child with a booster seat. Someone in my co-host’s life, very close to her got extremely offended by our barbershop/living room/general conversation, stating that we don’t know what it’s like to be parents and we should shut the fuck up about shit we don’t know about. Unless we do research or have lived in other countries, does this mean we have no right to speak about other cultures? Does this mean we can’t state an opinion on a video game or movie since we may not know all the properties involved on how to create a movie, or a video game? Does this mean, people who aren’t singers should never say how they feel about a song or a singer they may hear because they don’t know how to sing? I don’t get this logic, at all!!! We all talk about shit we don’t know about. I promise it happens amongst your friend’s family and even co-workers.  However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a voice and state your opinion on the way of our current world, where we have a news story every week about a horrible mother/father. These kids are our future. They are the ones who are going to be carrying the world on their back after our mess ups. Do you see our current presidential election? Other countries are looking at us like we’re sitting in a special Ed class and they’re looking through the window of the room and smirking. Do you think kids should deal with the pressures of horrible parenting as well? No! However, that’s my opinion and I’m not going to change it based on someone’s sensitivity. I will always use my voice and say what I feel needs to be said, or I’ll let you into my private life and say things that I would normally say privately, and no one will ever stop me.

I have surrounded myself with friends that can easily agree to disagree with me, and I’m lucky for that because at the rate that I go, I wouldn’t have friends right now. But part of me says that’s okay. No one is ever going to censor me and those people that do are the first people who want a piece of the pie when you’ve made the pie. I will tell you now, don’t ever feel like you have to censor yourself, and don’t ever feel like you can’t have a voice. We all have different ways of handling things, researching things, speaking about things, and if someone doesn’t like the way you do it then they don’t need to be in your life. I spoke to my co-host and said to her that this is the gamble you make when using your voice. There will always be someone to rip it right apart, and make a huge deal about it. So which one do you choose? Your friends, or having a voice and stating your feelings and eventually working towards making a career/name for yourself by using your voice? I don’t care who stays in my life or not because with or without them, I’m going to make it regardless. The less people there are in your life, the less people there are to distract you from the real view. The real view is money, business, grind, hard work, success, and dedication to what you do and not letting anyone stop you in the process because of internal feelings they might be dealing with.