7 Reasons why East Coasters Aren’t Rude

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December 1, 2015
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May 22, 2016

Ah, the joys of the east coast. There’s the tri-state area (where I grew up), Tom Brady fan boys, New York pizza, boardwalk rides, dirty beaches and in most people’s opinion who aren’t natives, rude people. Something about this gets to me a little bit. We’re not rude, I promise. Living out in Colorado, I’ve met more rude Uber drivers, store clerks, and your daily randoms in the street in the past month, than I’ve probably dealt with rude encounters in the east coast. Also, I’ve never gotten denied service with my guide dog from Uber drivers in the east coast, within New Jersey, New York, and Florida. So what does that say? So, the five best ways to explain why east coasters are the way they are.

1. We mind our own business – What is so wrong with this? We are all about rush, rush, rush! We don’t want to inconvenience you, and we don’t want you to do the same to us. Chances are, nine times out of ten in the east coast, we don’t care about what you’re doing, and we don’t have too. What’s so rude about that? I’ll let you live your life, and you let me live mine.
2. Too many people – There’s the blind guy walking down the street in New York City, the business man in a suit walking to work, the old lady walking home with her groceries, the 50 people in front of me in line at a starbucks and the venders selling hot dogs on the corner; do we really need to acknowledge everyone we come across? I get it, most cities around the country don’t realize the size of just even the tri-state alone, but that’s too many damn people to say hi to everyone walking down the street next to us or standing in line with at the coffee shop. Not being said hi to isn’t going to kill you, I promise. We’re actually being nice because we’re saving you time.
3. Inconsiderate tactics – It’s cool, I’ll have a conversation with you, I’ll get to know you, but only for the two minutes that you’re checking me out, or for the few minutes we’re on the public bus together. You don’t need to tell me your whole life story, not because I don’t want to hear it (chances are, I don’t, but for the few I would like to hear, keep it brief), but because you’re inconveniencing other people. There are people behind me in line, there are other people on this bus who don’t give a crap about your story, and because we’re in this tight box on wheels, they’re forced to hear your story… That’s not cool. They have things to do, people to see, places to go, etc. I was on a bus once in New York, and this guy proceeds to tell me his views about today’s politics, and was complaining on the bus the whole time. Eventually I told him after 20 minutes of straight bitching, “Sir, you and thousands of Americans feel the same way. Complaining to me isn’t going to change anything for you unfortunately. Good luck.” Not only were you boring me, because I couldn’t care less about politics, but the people in the seats behind you and I probably didn’t care, either.
4. Actually, we’re considerate – East coasters are way more considerate than you would ever believe. I can promise you right now, I’ve gotten more help in New York City by people coming up and asking me if I needed assistance, than Colorado, LA/OC California, Washington D.C and my home city of Paterson, New Jersey, combined! Can you believe that? Where’s the rudeness in that? however, these wonderful people who have taken time out of their day to help, has allowed me to meet some inspiring and fascinating people, and by that, bring on what you non-east coasters call, “rude!”
5. We’re loud – Yes, we’re very animated! We are very expressive about everything we possess, the drama in our families, or the freaky scandalous crap that goes on at work. We like to show that we’re having a good time, and we also like to let people know that we’re not messing around. Why do protest leaders yell? To get a point across, and that’s the same thing we’re doing.
6. Road rage – Yes the road rage you see is real. It’s not rude; it’s just a way for us to say “get the F out of our way!” Also, if you’re driving, and you cut someone off, can you just go? Why wouldn’t you cut them off and jet? That’s what east coasters do. (Sorry to my brother for his horrible experience in Atlanta with this).
7. No Legal Weed – Yup, you might thing we’re uptight, well that’s because the east coast is a little behind on the substance mellowing out Denver, Seattle and Portland to name a few.

Most people are going to think I’m this ignorant, rude, east coast kid who doesn’t have any friends and has all the time in the world to write articles defending the east coast. However, I have best friends that are everything and more, and my dream has been to be a successful radio personality since six-years-old. I love talking to people. I want to be the friend everyone needs, and I want to be a secondary source for someone to fall on when they need a distraction from the everyday drivel. So no, I’m the guy that might want to hear your story, because I get to learn about all different aspects in life and it makes me more knowledgeable for when I am in the industry. Everything we do is based off of experiences, so sometimes the average east coaster doesn’t want you part of their experience, and that’s okay.