I Love you Melanie! Happy first birthday!

I miss you, my childhood home!
October 11, 2015
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February 8, 2016

Born on December 1, 2014, my daughter came into this world and saying that she changed my life, is an understatement

At 2:47 AM, amongst the commotion of the doctors cleaning you up and me helping the doc clean up, I remember your soft little coughs as you came into this world. I cut the umbilical cord, with excitement that I get to know a new person. Not just any old person though, my daughter. My beautiful, precious, amazing daughter who has fought and fought and has made my life significantly brighter. I remember everything like it was yesterday. I remember the first time I got to hold you. Honestly, I didn’t believe in myself while others believed in me. I held you, planted soft kisses on your cheeks and knew in my heart that this is truly the most precious gift anyone could ever receive.

Remember when we left the hospital and your grandpa was holding you while leaving and the nurse had left your alarm on? What about the time that you would grab my phone, pinch my nose, or cry if I took things away from you? Ore when you would giggle or smile when you would hear my voice? Melanie, you’re not going too, but I will. I helped ring you here, and I truly appreciate your presents. I miss you, I think about you every day, I  wish we could play, I wish we could sing, I wish we could dance, I wish I could teach you things, and have you do daddy-like things. I miss your laugh, your cry, your, giggles, your chants of “Blaaaaa, baaaaaa, blaaaaaaaa” when you didn’t want to hear anyone speak. I can’t wait for the day where I can pick you up high in the air again and kiss your cheeks and show you everything I haven’t been able too yet. You made me change my whole perception of kids, and you’re my first child that I’ve loved, and that’ll never ever change. Regardless of what’s being fed to you, I love you, and you’re my world! Everything I think of doing is with the intent of saving you, helping you, being there for you, teaching you, showing you, and simply being your father! You make me proud! You make me feel like I can do anything in this world. Here I am, a father who has had lots of up-and-downs in the past year, and I’ve never lost sight of the fact that I have a daughter. Not once have I lost sight of the fact that my daughter needs me, so I’m out here, creating a better life for you when you’re older. I think about you every day, and those songs? Their coming! I can’t wait to sing with you on a song one day! I can’t wait to record music, maybe even perform for people… Maybe you can be on the radio and keep up the legacy of your mother and me in the industry… Whatever you want to do, you can do it. You’re living a brand-new life now and everything is at your fingertips, and I’m going to make sure that I’m here to witness all of it. I want to be there to see all your accomplishments, and I’ll praise you, I’ll treat you to dinners and ice-cream, and the park, and all these things that I wish I could be doing right now… It’s going to be a bond like never before. I’ll see you soon my beautiful daughter. Happy birthday!