About Me

Mic switched on. . . Check

Headphones on. . . Check

Channel turned up. . . Check

Content ready. . . Check

This is Daniel Romero’s daily habitual as he prepares to voice track for his various internet radio shows, or has to speak live during his morning show. Born in 1993 in Paterson, New Jersey, it took a local celebrity to him, and a toy FM microphone to begin his long-lived dream of being an on-air personality. With various karaoke machines, toy FM microphones, and low-cost computer microphones, Dan found every possible way to use whatever he had to conduct a radio show. He used tapes to record broadcasts from FM frequencies doing fake interviews with his cousin and brother to entertain the two houses that could possibly hear this on-air mess.
At thirteen, Dan was introduced to the world of internet radio and got involved immediately after hearing that he could actually have the opportunity of being heard. He jumped on small online radio stations friends were hosting from their home internet connections but was capped out at 20 listeners when the server couldn’t handle that high volume of traffic thus causing his show to buffer. It got better when he joined a more known online station where everything completely changed. With software and more audio equipment, he was able to take real phone calls instead of holding a toy mic up to a phone’s ear piece. This was the launch.
He racked up a fan base on every station he aired on and people looked forward to Dan having the latest pop culture gossip while incorporating his skills on the keyboard, playing over music that played on air. Until his best friend since 2007, Greg came along and he brought his loud-mouthed and opinionated cousin to join us in the launch of The Dan show live. A show Dan hosted, produced, and designed based on his radio knowledge and great chemistry with both Greg and Rigo. Events in the show changed a year later when we cleaned up the show and brought a female personality into the mix. From there the show when downhill as various events took place between members of the show. Dan canceled The Dan Show, and focused on voice tracked positions until he said he does not want to lose everything he built.
Now, Dan has a morning show he hosts on
With Sam, a Denver girl and carries listeners all around the world with laughter, and latest gossip, while taking phone calls and posting content to social media. “I wake up every day to sit in front of my microphone with my headphones on and talk to people. I want to be their friend. I want to be the person they can trust. It’s pretty cool because radio is the one form of media where you can truly connect with your audience member.”